NO Puppies Currently Available
We DO NOT have any puppies or adults available at this time and have no plans to have a litter in 2017.

Please look for information on Lakeshore Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club member-breeders who may have puppies or adults available.

My contact information: email at or by phone after 6:00pm but not later than 8:30pm at 715-325-6661. We will only return calls that come to us during these times.

Please note that if you contact Linincorgi regarding an adoption of a puppy you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire. By filling out this questionnaire, it does not guarantee you placement of a puppy, this is merely used as an information gathering tool for me to better understand the potential home, what you are looking for, and basic information about your family and lifestyle. Filling out this questionnaire in no way takes the place of one on one discussions and my prerequisite for a home visit here at Linincorgi. No puppy ever goes to a new home upon this first visit. It is only a visit and introduction.

Please take the time and educate yourself in regard to this breed, all the pluses and minuses. As wonderful as this breed is, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is not for everyone.

Our contact information is located on the Home page of this website. Please note that if you have not heard back please do try again.

The Reason We Breed
While we do not breed often, here at Linincorgi when we do prepare for a litter, we breed first for health and temperament. Breeding is only done to perpetuate the qualities of this breed as set forth by our AKC standard. Never is a breeding done for monetary reasons. All of our dogs live in our home as beloved members of our family.

We do not consider our puppies for sale, we consider it an adoption that is taken very seriously. Perspective adoptive families are interviewed and expected to make a visit to my home to meet all my dogs. No puppy goes home at this first visit!!
Great seriousness and effort are put into matching the right puppy with the right family. I do not allow people to pick their own puppy! The only people that know the puppies well enough to match them to a forever home is us.
We adopt puppies only on a strict Spay/Neuter contract. We do not place puppies in new homes until they are over the age of 10 week of age. We also provide a Health and Temperament Guarantee. Most of all, if ever for any reason should the new adoptive family no longer be able to care for their corgi, the corgi comes back to me as per contractual obligation. What this should tell people is that I take this very serious and stand by our corgis for their entire life, not just until there is transfer of a bill of sale. At Linincorgi we are here for our adoptive homes for the life of their Pembroke.

As a member of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America and the Lakeshore Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club, I uphold to a strict Code of Ethics to ensure the betterment and welfare of this breed.

Finding a Responsible Breeder
Because responsible breeders do not do this for money, they are very willing to help a good home find the right puppy. Even if this means the puppy they have available at that time is not the right puppy for that home. Good reputable breeders keep in mind other good reputable breeders who may have puppies available and never hesitate in giving out other breeders names to help in your search.

The following questions are just a guide to follow in your search for a responsible breeder. Responsible breeders are not out to make a quick buck, they take time both before and after they breed a litter to ensure that the puppies are healthy, good representatives of their breed. Good breeders are happy to answer questions and usually take much more time than you thought possible. Here are a few questions (and the type of answer you can expect) to ask a breeder:

1. Can you tell me some of the qualities of the breed? And also some of the negative traits?

Responsible breeders will be happy to tell you all about their dogs. In fact they may tell you much more than you ever wanted to know. They will also be able to tell you the negative characteristics-of-the breed. Good breeders know that the only dog breed that is perfect for everyone is a stuffed one. Responsible breeders are looking for lifetime matches between puppy and prospective home, and will tell you if their puppies do not fit your lifestyle, BEWARE OF THE BREEDER WHO TELLS YOU THEIR PUPPIES ARE ALL PERFECT!

2. Are the parents of the puppy tested for any genetic defects?

Many breeds are tested for Hip/Elbow Dysplasia and Eye problems. Some breeders also test for Thyroid problems and Von Wildebrand's (a bleeding disorder). A responsible breeder will talk openly about the problems in their line and will be glad to show you proof of their dogs testing. All purebred dogs should be OFA'd (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) and certified free of hip dysplasia. As well all breeds should be CERF’d (certified free of ocular (eye) disorders prior to being bred.) BEWARE OF THE BREEDER WHO TELLS YOU THEIR DOGS DON’T HAVE TROUBLE SEEING OR WALKING, SO THEY DON’T NEED TO HAVE THESE TESTS DONE.

3. Do you guarantee the puppy for these problems? If so, until what age?

Responsible breeders guarantee against these disorders. They should give you a written guarantee that specifies what you are to do if your puppy develops one of these disorders. Most breeders will replace the puppy or refund some of your purchase price. Good breeders guarantee their puppies into adulthood against these problems. Be sure to read your contract before you buy your sure that you agree with the conditions of your contract BEWARE THE BREEDER WHO ONLY GUARANTEES THEIR PUPPIES FOR 24 HOURS. RARELY DO ANY PROBLEMS SHOW UP IN THIS SHORT TIME.

4. Have the puppies had any shots? Have they been wormed?

Responsible breeders ensure that their puppies are protected against normal puppy diseases before they leave their home. Puppies should all be wormed. A good breeder will give you documentation showing when your puppy was wormed (and with what) and what vaccinations the puppy has received. They will also tell you when the next vaccine is due. BEWARE THE BREEDER WHO SAYS Yes, the puppies have had all their shots they need…..BUT GIVES YOU NOTHING IN WRITlNG.

5. Do you belong to a local dog club? Do you belong to a regional/national specialty club?

In the dog world, membership means commitment...Commitment to the breed; commitment to the community, commitment to dogs in general. Most dog club have a Code of Ethics that their members agree to adhere to. The Code of Ethics is a minimum standard only. Ask to see a copy of their Code of Ethics. And as you read it, ask yourself if this breeder is following the Standards. BEWARE THE BREEDER WHO SAYS DOG CLUBS DON’T MATTER AND CRITICIZES MEMBERS OF THESE CLUB. REMEMBER THIS BREEDER HAS NOT AGREED TO FOLLOW ANY MINIMUM STANDARDS.

6. Do you require pets to be spayed or neutered?

Responsible breeders are concerned about the problem of dog and cat overpopulation. They require that all their puppies going into pet homes be spayed or neutered. They also require that you contact them if you are no longer to keep your puppy (even if it is 10 years old). They feel responsible for their puppies for the entire life of the dog. BEWARE THE BREEDER WHO WANTS TO SELL YOU A PAIR SO YOU CAN HAVE A FEW “BATCHES” YOURSELF. To these people, puppies are a cash crop. They show no responsibility to the dog or the breed once the dog is out the door, and they don’t care what happens to it.

7. Can you tell me about the puppy’s parents and grandparents?

Responsible breeders can tell you why they choose the parents to be bred. They know that a puppy is more than the sum of its parents. They have done a tremendous amount of work researching not only the parent’s traits but also the grandparents and great-grandparents. Truly committed breeders will also be able to show you pictures of dogs in your puppies pedigree. BEWARE THE BREEDER WITH A “BREEDING PAIR” WHO ARE THE SAME BREED AND HAVE “NICE PERSONALITIES”. THIS BREEDER KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT THE HIDDEN TRAITS THAT MOM AND DAD CARRY.

8. Are the puppies raised indoors?

Responsible breeders know that puppies raised indoors make the best pets. They house train faster and are already familiar with noises such as telephones, TVs, washing machines, pots and pans and vacuum cleaners. They have seen people, been handled and are normally more socialized than puppies raised outdoors. BEWARE THE BREEDER WHO WILL NOT LET YOU SEE WHERE THE PUPPIES WERE RAISED. ALSO BEWARE THE BREEDER WHO DOES NOT SHOW YOU THE PUPPIES LITTERMATES OR MOTHER.

9. Have the puppies had any training?

Responsible breeders will normally start house training their puppies. They should tell you how far along the puppy is and what you should expect of it. They will usually crate train the puppies. This is a wonderful tool to be used in the puppy's transition from its old home to its new.

10. Do you give any literature/handouts?

Responsible breeders give out information on house training, crate training, teething, grooming, feeding, health and anything else they can get their hands on. They want your puppy to be a welcome member of your household and try to give you the tools necessary. They realize that buying a puppy is a 12-16 year commitment and not something to be taken lightly. The responsible breeder is also available by phone to help you with anything that may arise. They expect pictures of your puppy as it grows and occasional reports on how it is doing. BEWARE THE BREEDER WHO FEELS ALL THIS IS NOT NECESSARY BECAUSE AFTER ALL THEY ARE JUST BREEDING PETS. The responsible breeder feels that all dogs (show dog or pet) deserve to be free of hereditary defects and live a long healthy life with its chosen family.

I hope these questions help you in searching for the responsible breeder and your perfect puppy. Make your own website