***NEWS FLASH*** - September 24th, 2011 Sprite was given the biggest honor a purebred Pembroke Welsh Corgi could achieve. She won the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club National Specialty. There are no words that can describe the feelings of pride I have for my precious girl who has done it all.

She was born at a tiny 4.6 ounces, thus earning her name Little Sprite. She was a puppy that at a very young age said “look at me” and grabbed our hearts.

I am so honored to be the breeder, owner, handler of this very special girl. The qualities she presents are a credit to her pedigree and to this breed. I am proud to be in the ring at her side as Sprite is living proof that dreams do come true and pedigrees live on!

Competing with the depth of quality that walk into the ring at every specialty is extraordinary and humbling. Thank you to all the respected breeder judges who awarded her specialty wins and to all of our friends and peers who give us such wonderful support and encouragement.

Sprite’s specialty accomplishments still take my breath away. Thus far they include: 2006 OVPWCC - Best Puppy, 2006 PWCC of the Potomac - Best Puppy, 2006 Gaitway PWCC - Best in Sweeps and RWB, 2006 LPWCC - Best in Sweeps and WB, 2006 PWCCA National - Best in Sweeps, 2007 Sunshine PWCC - WB and Best of Opposite, 2007 GAPWCC - BOB from the class, 2007 PWCC of the Potomac - WB and Best of Winners, 2007 Garden State PWCC - Best of Breed, 2007 Gaitway PWCC - Best of Breed, and 2007 PWCCA National - Selection of Merit, 2007 Top Specialty Winning PWCCA Member Owned Pembroke, 2008 OVPWCC – Selection of Merit, 2008 PWCC of the Potomac – Selection of Merit, 2008 Garden State PWCC – Best of Breed, 2008 Gaitway PWCC – Best of Breed, 2008 PWCCA National - Selection of Merit, and 2008 PWCCA National - 1st Selection of Merit, 2009 OVPWCC - Selection of Merit, 2009 Western Reserve - Best of Breed.
2010 Ohio Valley - Selection of Merit.

Sprites legacy continues in her offspring. Zachary, Gentry, Jada and Cynde.

Sprite - 2006 National
Sprite - Gaitway 2006, Best in Sweepstakes
Sprite - Garden State 2007 Photo by Barb duPree

National Sweepstakes Final Line Up - 2006
Sprite - on the move at the 2007 National Specialty. Photo by Kathy Brandt
Gaitway 2008 Photo by Keepsake Kreations

Baby Sprite - 7 weeks old
Baby Sprite - 10/10/05
Sprite - Gaitway Best of Breed Win 2008

Garden State Best of Breed Win Photo 2008
December 2005
Potomac 2008, Selection of Merit

Best Puppy - Potomac 2006
Lakeshore 2006 - Winner Bitch
Potomac 2007 - Best of Winners

Sprite - 5 Months Old
Baby Sprite, too cute!
2006 National Show Photo - Best in Sweepstakes

Sprite and Uncle Dylan - Gaitway 2008 Best of Breed and Best of Opposite
Sprite and her littermates
Baby Sprite - 10 Weeks

Gaitway 2007
Gaitway 2008 BOB victory lap
Gaitway 2006 - Best in Sweepstakes

Sprite 2007
So tiny

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